Interventional Radiology Services

Vascular Procedures

  • Angioplasty and Stenting
  • Balloon-Occluded Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration
  • Central Venous Access Lines
    • CVC
    • Hemodialysis Catheter placement/Removal
    • Port-A-Cath placement/removal/patency check
    • PICC placement/removal
    • Vas Cath placement/removal
  • Embolizations
    • Gonadal Vein Embolization
      • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
    • Prostate Artery Embolization
    • Pulmonary Vascular Malformations
    • Ovarian and Pelvic Vein Embolization
    • Renal Artery Embolization
    • Splenic Artery Embolization
    • Transarterial Chemoembolization
    • Uterine artery Ablations
      • Leiomyoma
    • Varicocele Embolization
    • Radiofrequency Embolization
    • Y90 – Selective Internal Radiation Therapy
  • IVC placement/removal
  • Management of dialysis fistulas
  • Suprapubic Catheter placement
  • Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt
  • Transcatheter Thrombolysis

Non-Vascular Procedures

  • Ablations (Cryoablations, Microwave Ablations, Radiofrequency Ablations):
    • Hepatic
    • Lung
    • Renal
    • Osteoid osteomas
  • Hysterosalpinogram
  • Hysterosonogram
  • Imaging-guided Biopsies
    • Targeted
      • FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration)
      • Core Biopsy
    • Non-Targeted
      • Elevated Liver Enzymes
      • Renal Function
  • Imaging-guided Drainage Procedures
    • Abscess Drains
    • Paracentesis
    • Thoracentesis
  • Joints:
    • Aspiration
    • Steroid Injection
      • Ankle (TibioTalar)
      • Foot (CalcaneoCuboid, MTP, SubTalar, TMT)
      • Hip
      • Shoulder
    • Arthrograms
      • Shoulder
      • Hip
      • Wrist
  • Lumbar punctures
    • Diagnostic
    • LP with Chemotherapy Infusion
    • Therapeutic
  • Lymphocele and cystic drainage and sclerosis
  • Myelogram
  • Pain Management
    • Celiac Block
    • Hypogastric Block
    • Epidural Steroid Injection
  • Pleurex Drain Placement
  • Tube Placement:
    • Biliary Tube Placement
    • Chest Tube Placement
    • Gastrostomy Tube Placement
    • Gastro/Jejenum tube placement
    • NG Tube Placement
    • Percutaneous Nephrostomy Tube Placement
    • Ureteral Stent Placement
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Vertebroplasty

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MRG 2023 Anticoagulation Management for Proceduresopens PDF file

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IVC Filter Tracking and Consult Guidelineopens PDF file

Paracentesis Protocol Guidelineopens PDF file

Discharge Instructions

Abcess Drainopens PDF file

Arthrogramopens PDF file

Blood Patchopens PDF file

Bone Biopsyopens PDF file

Chemoembolizationopens PDF file

Cholecystostomy Tubeopens PDF file

Cryoablationopens PDF file

Epidural Steroid Injectionopens PDF file

Femoral Artery Access Patient Educationopens PDF file

FNAopens PDF file

G-J Tube Exchange Conversionopens PDF file

G-Tubeopens PDF file

HSGopens PDF file

Iodinated IV Contrast Reactionopens PDF file

IR PleurXopens PDF file

IVC Filter Insertionopens PDF file

IVC Removalopens PDF file

Kidney Biopsyopens PDF file

Liver Biopsyopens PDF file

Lumbar Punctureopens PDF file

Lung Biopsyopens PDF file

Microwave Ablationopens PDF file

Myelogramopens PDF file

Nephrostomy Tubeopens PDF file

Nephrostomy Tube Removalopens PDF file

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PCNLopens PDF file

PICC Lineopens PDF file

Portacathopens PDF file

Portacath Removalopens PDF file

Sinogramopens PDF file

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TIPS/DIPSopens PDF file

Ureteral Stent Placementopens PDF file

Uterine Fibroid Embolizationopens PDF file

Vertebroplastyopens PDF file

Vertebroplasty-Kyphoplastyopens PDF file

Y90opens PDF file